GB7TD 70cm Digital TDMA Repeater (DVU13)

Repeater Tx 439.1625MHz, Rx 430.1625MHz, shift -9Mhz.

GB7TD is a Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) Repeater consisting of 2 time slots/Two channels in one repeater.

To access this system, you will need a DMR capable radio, which are built by several manufacturers, including Motorola, Vertex Standard, Harris and Hytera, to name a few. Any amateurs in the West Yorkshire area with a DMR capable radios will be able to use the GB7TD DMR repeater to communicate with other amateurs around the world using some of the following virtual channels, otherwise known as “talk-groups”.

· World Wide talk-group; TG1
· North America talk-group; TG3
· Europe talk-group; TG2
· Local West Yorkshire area talk-group; TG9
· UK Wide talk group; TG235
· Simplex group use Local talk group; TG9
· The repeater is connected to DMR-MARC.NET
. Mototrbo Yahoo Group

Note: Please leave 2 seconds between over's including the Local net on the repeater and set your Time Out Timer to 180 seconds. More details can be found on page two.

Timeslots and Talkgroups

Issue 1 - Feb 2013
Issue 2 - Feb 2014