GB3YW 2m FM voice repeater (RV63)

Repeater Tx 145.7875Mhz (RV63), Rx 145.1875Mhz, shift -600Khz. RF output 10 Watts erp from a folded dipole 10m agl.

Access is via a CTCSS tone of 82.5Hz (D) that must be present for the duration of the transmission, there is no toneburst access. In addition there is a key up delay of 1½ seconds before the repeater will begin to repeat so leave a brief pause before giving your callsign when you first access the repeater or the first part of your callsign won't be heard. This only applies when the repeater is accessed from cold.

The repeater is setup to transmit a single pip (Courtesy Tone) when operating normally and a double pip at the same frequency when it's running on batteries. A double pip at a much higher frequency than normal indicates a high SWR or RF power fault. In practice it usually means the repeater has been on batteries all day and the battery voltage is dropping. The transmit CTCSS tone drops prior to the Courtesy tone being sent.

Battery backup is provided by a West Mountain Radio Super PWRgate PG40S Backup Power System that safely charges a 55Ah gell cell battery from the repeater's PSU.


2m Repeater and Duplexer