GB3WY 6m FM voice repeater (R50-9)

Repeater Tx 50.800Mhz (r50-09), Rx 51.300Mhz, Shift +500Khz. RF output is 25W erp from a folded dipole.

Access is by a continuously transmitted CTCSS tone of 82.5Hz. Timeout is set at 4 minutes.

The receiver in the repeater has been fitted with a 12.5Khz channel filter to comply with the license so your deviation should be set to narrow to avoid your audio being clipped and the wrath of other users.

The Mitsubishi M57735 PA module from the transmitter has been removed from the Alinco DR-M06T on the right and is mounted on a substantial heatsink at the rear of the unit so that it runs cool. An external Microwave modules PA increases the output to 25W.

The channel spacing on 6m is a little different compared to 2m so I have created a channel card in pdf format as an aid. Further information regarding the 6m bandplan can be found on the RSGB website. A full list of current 6m repeaters is available on

We would like to thank LAM Communications for donating a new power supply and the generous contributions we received from individuals that have made the project possible.


6m Repeater